Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today de mousehunt log is crazy de sia.
All pillaged,missed and stale.See.

I returned to check my trap, but it appeared a Lycan mouse had eaten a piece of cheese without setting it off.

The power of this mouse crippled my courage, setting me back 1,262 points.
I sounded the Hunter's Horn, but my efforts were fruitless. A Ghost mouse ate a piece of cheese without setting off my trap.
I sounded the Hunter's Horn, but my Radioactive Blue cheese failed to attract a mouse.
I sounded the Hunter's Horn, but my efforts were fruitless. A Mummy mouse ate a piece of cheese without setting off my trap.

Additionally, the fiend pillaged 1,112 gold from me!
I sounded the Hunter's Horn, but my efforts were fruitless. A Mummy mouse ate a piece of cheese without setting off my trap.
I returned to check my trap, but it appeared my Radioactive Blue cheese had failed to attract a mouse. I replaced my bait since it seemed to be stale.
I sounded the Hunter's Horn, but my efforts were fruitless. A Ravenous Zombie mouse ate a piece of cheese without setting off my trap.

Additionally, the fiend pillaged 1,380 gold from me!

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

My hands are all aching after class chalet.Haha.
Most zai thing i that i learned how to cycle.Terence was my teacher!So unexpected that he actually has that patience to teach me:D He wanted me to get a 4-wheel bicycle at first and wanted to leave me at the chalet T.T
So tired after chalet.Terence went to my house to zak.He got an average zak helm and missed the ac10 he was talking about.Suay.
I joined his guild AngelofHeaven and one of his guild members offered SGD$125 for my clean bwg 8slots but is not confirmed:D

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just heard a joke on TV :D
有一天,他们终于分开了。他们很高兴就跟对方说give me five。



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Friday, October 16, 2009

Got back physics paper.I saw some hope when Ms Lim said that there was 10 A1s and 14 A2s.But i was not in these 2 groupsT.T Most zai thing is that i threw my physics paper on the floor when terence said that his marks was noob cos mine is noober.One piece of the paper dropped out and i even stepped over it-.-Wth.
Die le lah.Hope can do well in Bio but it seems so difficult.Because i cant even understand most of the questions.
Wow.Today's cca is so hiong.Before pt already pumped about 40 but part more jialat.Haha.They before pt tio about 50 le.So kelian.Pt we did 100 counts of 8 for jumping jacks.This is the first time we did 100.First 20 everyone stitched le but still endured till the end.After that is pumping.At first say is 60 but later cut to 40.Haha.I don't want to mention sit-up :X
After pt is break and then slang all the way! Sgt David told us a lot of crap haha.He spoiled his tumbdrive which have the picture of the girl.SAD.Haha.And the bird shit one is so funny.
Just finished gunzing.Playing since 7pm.So no life but still quite fun.At first while waiting for Alvin i solo quest.Still managed to clear about 3.Then later we did something which cant be told:X
Wanyi and Alvin all so early zao le.So i no choice play with PEOPLE WHO Don't UNDERSTAND ENGLISH.I think they can fight with the Xi in the movie.Heng the two guys Hubert and Terence both got to go.Haha.Hubert must jiayou for hs!:D And terence don't keep using turtle which i thought you if not you will be called a noob!
Today don't know why so many people say me hack.First is the lvl58 girl come into our room and start to own people.She was so zai and i had to keep on tumbling to avoid her bullets from her damn zai breaker.When i finally kill her then she said that i am a hacker T.T Thanks wanyi for saying that "it's not wrong to be pro".Haha.Second is some random people in a deathmatch room.I killed him then he said that i am a hacker-.- Btw Alvin,I level 14 le haha.
So tired now.Hope Alvin get well from his headache!:D


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Monday, October 12, 2009

Today after math paper 2 everyone went out to play hahaha. I went home to play com instead. Wanyi jio me play gunz with zhihe at 3pm. Alvin also joined! Alvin download gunz for an hour haha. He was so pissed!
Everyone created new accounts. First time feel that my character is so noob. Using that renardx2 or something gun. The bullets are not even enough to solo a quest. Even with another renard bullets are still not enough to clear the quest. Had three tries before clearing my first solo quest.
Alvin kept saying that he was noob and don't even know bf but he is so zai at glad. I kept committing suicide at the battle arena because cannot jump over the oblivion. So had no choice but to keep ks people to gain exp.
Cao zhihe also very zai. He glad and spray also can! And he is also very good at hiding at stab you with a dagger!Hahaha. He can even own us without wearing clothes haha.
Wanyi can also glad T.T When she fight with alvin, can only see them flying around and make me get serious headache.
Ohya. There is a special rule for today's game. Must bow before you kill. Standard. I today then know that can bow in gunz de. Thanks Alvin for telling me this :D
Whole day of gunz is so shuai but fingers all got numbed. Overall, tired and of course fun ! Hahaha.
Oh. Very last thing. Zhihe's ign is mathpaper2-.-


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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today played Gunz with wanyi.
At first my laptop could not launch Gunz. Don't know why it restarts when i launch Gunz. So i used desktop to play. I went in first so i create the room! The room name is "2E index 15" hahaha. Deathmatch was fun. At first only the two of us but later all the pros came in to own the two of us.
Team deathmatch was worsed. We didn't know that there was rules for the game so we went to every where. Then they call us cheaters so they kicked me out of the room.
Quest was fun. This time wanyi created the room. The name was "2E index 28". Hahaha. We play boss. The boss was a fake boss. So the real boss must be very zai. Must treasure every bullet to kill the boss. Kept running out of bullets so must run about to keep the hp from going low.


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Friday, October 9, 2009

Today went to Alvin's house with Wanyi after the chinese paper. We decided to go to his house in school but he said "you people just love to decide without asking eh?XD".Hahaha.
Wanyi brought her father's very big laptop. We cannot use that laptop to do the flash so we used it to play all those popcan games. Hahaha. The fish game is so fun. The whole tank is full of fishes!
Alvin this mad guy kept using my phone to sms and call people-.- Wth. He moved his whole desktop to his bedroom. Wires very messy. LOL. Nvm i earned 2 million dollars at his house. That thing worth 2 million? ^^ Ohya. He was playing with the yoyo using my style.
Wanyi hated Zombie today. The could not figure out the script for the zombie. The zombie just don't work. LOL. Poor wanyi wanted to sleep but could not finish the zombie! Only at about 7.30pm then managed to finish. We don't like Zombie!
Finally reached home at about 8 pm. Dinner was bad. The rice is like cooked with superglue-.- but Breezer is good! My head hurts after finishing the whole bottle. Hahaha. Alvin more zai. 15.5%?!!
Btw,i kept missing in mousehunt. Don't know why. Gratz Alvin for getting the very godly BP. Jiayous for your ship craving or sth.


FlyBoy ≈†‡†≈ 8:08 AM

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